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Join the Community and Support the OIA Renovation Project

By Susan Gustafson, 08/01/17, 4:15PM CDT



We are excited to announce that we have reached a milestone! We are within $300,000 of our goal and are moving forward with the rest of the project. Just like 25 years ago when the founders of the rink stepped up, we need every family in the hockey community to consider making a gift to help push us over the goal line! We are on a tight timeline, but feel we can get most of the work completed by the first of November. The ice will be in during the construction, so the arena will continue to generate revenue and our hockey community will have access to the facility. 

OIA History
Approximately 25 years ago a handful of people from the Orono community embarked on a historic effort and joined together. They made some sacrifices and scraped together enough money to build a hockey rink for the Orono community. When first completed, the rink didn’t even have bleachers, just cement to sit on, with the rest of the amenities completed in the following years. The rink has served the community well and been a great amenity for Orono over the years, thanks to that group of civic minded citizens. Now the rink needs repair and improvement to include a new dehumidification system, locker rooms, and a mezzanine training level. These components will complement the recently completed resizing of the rink and upgrading of the coolant system.  

Renovation Accomplishments
The ice is back in and kids are skating again. If you haven’t seen it yet, we would encourage you to stop by and check it out! A special thanks to the many high school girls, boys and parents; along with many of the kids in our youth program. Their work assisting with cleaning, painting, and moving lockers helped prepare the rink for the reopening last week. While these volunteers have been helping prep the rink, we have continued to raise money, finalize plans and meet with contractors to determine how to best move forward.  

Building Our Future Together
Listed is all that have contributed to this project so far. Please thank them for their generous support and consider making a donation to join the community. We need 100% participation at some level, so everyone that benefits from the rink is part of this legacy. If you have kids that utilize the arena, or have in the past, please help make this happen and pay it forward to the future hockey players in Orono. Each family’s circumstances are unique. We ask you to reflect on the generosity from the past and what your home rink means to the future of this community. No gift is too small or too large!  

Please reach out to us at with questions or call Pete Eckerline, OIA Renovation Chair, at 612-867-8371. Thank you for your consideration. Go Spartans!